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DaletPlus (4 items)
Introduction - tools and tricks
Sunday 05 May 2013 / Pierre author list
These page contains some useful tools and tricks for DaletPlus. In many cases there is an SQL script that can be run on the database. These are scripts that I have used with some projects that I have done over the years. As always with such things, they are delivered "as is" without any warranty. Use them only if you understand what you are doing, try [read more]
1. DaletPlus til radio - en kort introduktion (hits: 4994)
on 20 Oct 2007 by Pierre
Introduction in Danish that explains what DaletPlus is, compared to Dalet 5.1 which is widely known in Denmark. If you are from some other part of the world and have found your way to this page, you probably know DaletPlus already.
2. DaletPlus til radio - On air Player og Mix Editor (hits: 4935)
on 21 Oct 2007 by Pierre
Denne artikel er en del af en serie, hvor vi ser nærmere på DaletPlus. Her om on air playeren og mix editoren.
Extra settings for "Default User" in Dalet Radio Suite and Galaxy (hits: 2674)
How to change some default settings in DaletPlus, so that new users will get them
on 15 Jun 2019 by Pierre
Most user settings are set in the DaletPlus Admin tool (RemoteAdmin.exe), where it is also possible to set these for the default user, so that these settings are copied to all users created later. But a few settings can't be set here. This includes default chat sounds and the "Allow Multiple Login" setting, default story font etc.
General Disclaimer (hits: 2883)
What to know before using the Dalet tips posted here
on 05 May 2013 by Pierre
These pages contains some useful tools and tricks for DaletPlus.
It is stuff that I have used successfully in various projects.
This page describes the terms of use and what what I expect from you and what you can expect of me.

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