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What to know before using the Dalet tips posted here
on Sunday 05 May 2013
by Pierre author list
in DaletPlus
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These pages contains some useful tools and tricks for DaletPlus.
It is stuff that I have used successfully in various projects.
This page describes the terms of use and what what I expect from you and what you can expect of me.

Terms of use
The solutions are described "as is" - without any guarantee that they couldn't cause problems in some special cases.
Everything that you read or download for this website comes without support.
Broadcast-it.com is not responsible for any damages what so ever.

SQL scripts
In many cases there is an SQL script that can be run on the database. These are scripts that I have used with some projects that I have done over the years. They are delivered "as is" without any warranty. Use them only if you understand what you are doing, try them on a test site, make a backup first etc. etc.

A special note about DaletPlus versions
Before applying the scripts, read the comments in the top. These comments contain information about which DaletPlus version they have been tested on. Be aware that if a script is tested on version 1.4.34.x and 3.5 or 4.0, then you can't expect that they will work on all versions in between.
Version 1.4.34.x is the radio version (also known as DaletPlus Radio Suite HD) versions 1.5.8-2.0.2-3.0-3.4-3.5 is the TV version and version 4.0 is the coming Galaxy version which is mainly a TV version where radio features are being built into it, so at the end, the Radio Suite will be discontinued and Galaxy will do everything. So if you have an old TV version, you can't expect stuff to work just because it has been tested in 1.4.34 and 3.5. In many cases it will, but you have to investigate.
It is assumed that you know how to run a script on a database. If you don't, then its probably not a good idea that you try on your production system.

If you need further assistance
I can also assist in doing this, but in that case there will be an invoice associated with it - after all, this is a consulting company.
If you need further assistance, please see the contact information in the company description.

If you miss something
The tips and scripts here are relatively simple and should work on most sites. I have done much more complicated stuff, but this is usually something that requires a lot of customization, so it doesn't really make sense to post it on a website. But it includes things like:

- scripts to get rid of old versions of stories
- scripts that can lock broadcasted rundowns, i.e. remove almost everybody's right to edit it.
- scripts that can update metadata on certain titles
- solutions for maintaining an archive
- scripts that can be used to create a report of broadcasted music for music rights organizations
- scripts that can export a program schedule in XML to use on the stations web site.

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